The PMECC Administration and Staff has recently launched anew the Reading Challenge and Competition only for the 4th graders. Its aim is to engage children at an early age thea joy and love for reading, enhance their reading habit and skills and make it a fun-filled entertainment especially during this time of the pandemic. It started off last 21st September 2020 and will last on the 10th of March 2021. There are 38 schools (25 government and 13 private) which are involve and are participating in this project in the whole Bethlehem Governorate.

With this project funded by the Pontifical Mission-Office in Jerusalem (PMP) and in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Bethlehem Directorate, we hope that this young Palestinians will develop and improve their level of comprehension, analytical and creative thinking skills through reading as well.
This is an on-going online competition where students are encouraged to read all the 100 storybooks (85 Arabic and 15 English) as much as possible, except for the Final Round, where everything will take place at the Pontifical Mission Educational and Cultural Center.

A ‘Google Meet’ hosted lately by Mr. Philip Daoud, who is the Technical Coordinator of the Reading Competition as well as the PMECC website programmer was held last 18th September, Friday at 3:00 pm prior to the launching of the contest. The purpose of which was to orient the school coordinators how to help their students access and use the PMECC Reading Competition Portal. Likewise, it was to ensure efficient and effective coordination between the PMECC staff and school teachers and students which concern anything about the reading competition.

The detailed guidelines of the contest can be viewed in this video