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Second Reading Competition – Awarding Ceremony

The Awarding Ceremony of the Reading Challenge and Competition held last 2nd of June, was significantly graced with the presence of the Director of Bethlehem Directorate of the Ministry of Education, Ms. Nisreen Amro and her team as well as the Regional Director of Pontifical Mission Jerusalem Office, Mr. Joseph Hazboun and the Project Coordinator, Mr. Gabi Kando. Quite a number of school directors, teachers, as well as student-participant and winners attended this last event of the contest. They came not only to receive their awards but also to show their support and gratitude for this educational endeavor, which eventually helped [...]

Second Reading Competition – Final Round

PMECC Reading Competition on its second year The Pontifical Mission Educational and Cultural Center had launched for the second time the Reading Challenge and Competition, which involved only the 4th graders. Its aim was to engage children of their age to enjoy and develop the love for reading. Likewise, it has helped enhanced their reading habit and communication skills which came out to be a fun-filled entertainment especially during this time of the pandemic. The contest which was done online was an opportune time for many students to spend long hours in reading storybooks instead of spending time in social media [...]

Second Reading Competition Launched

The PMECC Administration and Staff has recently launched anew the Reading Challenge and Competition only for the 4th graders. Its aim is to engage children at an early age thea joy and love for reading, enhance their reading habit and skills and make it a fun-filled entertainment especially during this time of the pandemic. It started off last 21st September 2020 and will last on the 10th of March 2021. There are 38 schools (25 government and 13 private) which are involve and are participating in this project in the whole Bethlehem Governorate. With this project funded by the Pontifical Mission-Office [...]

Reading Challenge and Competition in Arabic

The Pontifical Mission Educational and Cultural Center is please to announce a Reading Challenge and Competition in Arabic that we are organizing for local school students. The competition will start this coming September 2019 and ends on May 2020. This project is being funded by the Pontifical Mission Office in Jerusalem, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education – Bethlehem Directorate. The competition targets the participation of 4th and 5th graders from various schools in Bethlehem, Beit Jala and Beit Sahour. This project was approved during the meeting which took place between Mr. Sami Marwa, Director of Education and Higher Education, [...]

Integrating various educational activities to the teaching-learning process

Goals and Objectives Reinforce/complement teaching and learning process with varied activities To improve the methods of teaching by integrating varied activities in the classroom Empower teachers to be more creative by introducing/adapting various activities which serve as learning tools to motivate the students in the learning process To enhance/develop the reading, writing, summarizing/analyzing, communication and comprehensive skills of the students through involvement in varied activities Stimulate children’s interest and develop their capacity to think critically/creatively; construct their own views; express themselves and move away from what is rote learning to being a more active agent of their own learning To [...]

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