Our Vision 2020

We commit ourselves to the integral formation, human growth and development of the Palestinian community where conducive, active learning environment, peaceful and dialoguing space will be lived/experienced by all age-group levels of members in Bethlehem and its surrounding areas. The varied activities provided them, will elevate their high level of education, become pro-active agent of their community, improve their quality of life thus contribute to the transformation of their society.

Our Mission

The Pontifical Mission Educational and Cultural Center contributes to the educational, social, and cultural growth of the Palestinian/Arab community by providing wide variety of educational and cultural activities. The activities will stimulate members’ interest and appreciation for learning, allow them to achieve fully their potential, heighten their social consciousness and responsibilities, which will prepare them for insertion in their society. Likewise, the center offers and create ambiance where members of all ages experience respect, tolerance, acceptance of others despite differences, thus, improve their capacity of being able to work with others.